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Are you forever on the lookout for that one great place where you can enjoy time with family or other families? But then again… not constantly? A place where you also have your privacy, so that you can wake up in peace with your own family, and enjoy your breakfast at your own pace. During the day you can all head off to the mudflats, lakes or islands, and in the evening you get to cook together in the large kitchen and eat together at a long table in the communal space. This place is the groupaccommodation of Lân, Loft, Wetter and Waad!

Here you’ve got it all: the groupaccommodation has 4 separate houses, each with its own kitchen, toilet and bedrooms. As well as a communal area large enough for everyone to cook and eat together in. All that together under the large roof of an attractive ‘barn’. Lân, Loft, Wetter and Waad. That’s what these beautifully designed holiday homes are called. It’s Frisian for land, air, water and mudflats. And that’s all there is around here… There are no motorways, no crowds, no air pollution and no densely built up areas. But you do get vast cloudy skies, nature and space. With the risk that you relax, enjoy yourself and find a bit of peace and quiet. Be careful






Altogether, the groupaccommodation has 4 houses and 20 beds. Plus a cot here and there if need be. In the communal area, you can share a large kitchen where you can all cook together; there is a long table to eat at and a cosy cushioned area with a TV if the children start to get bored. In the evening you can make a nice fire in the communal area of the groupaccommodation and with the baby monitor on the table you can chat away until the early hours. Older children will have no problem finding their own space in one of the houses.



The colours and furnishing of the 4 houses of the groupaccommodation fit in with the themes. Did you have any idea that nature could be so colourful? With the huge windows at the front and back and the breathtaking panoramic view, it’s as if nature were joining you at the table. The colours used emphasise this effect. You can just sit here and spend the whole day watching the clouds float by… daydreaming is apparently very good for the soul. But you can also get plenty out of your stay, of course: read our best tips here!



The site is very spacious. Behind the groupaccommodation there is a large sheltered orchard with tables where you can all sit down and eat together outside. There is also a a fireplace here so you can enjoy the great outdoors until late at night.

The video below will give you an impression of a winter weekend with family in the groupaccommodation.



At the small neighbouring campsite, you’ll find for the children a great playground, a trampoline and a large sandpit. And more bikes, go-karts, a football field and lots of places to sit and relax. At the far end of the campsite is a jetty with 2 Canadian canoes and 2 kayaks for paddling among the meadows.



Groupaccommodation (4 houses with communal area)

Up to 20 persons Weekend
or midweek
Low season € 1395 € 2095
Mid season € 1795 € 2695
National holidays € 2195 € 3295


Low season: November through March
Mid season: April through early July and September through October
National holidays: Easter, Ascension, Pentecost, Christmas and Newyear


In winter season (from November to March) and in the midweeks the groupaccommodation is also to rent in parts. Then you can also choose from:

  • 3 houses with communal area (up to 16 persons = 15% discount)
  • 2 houses with communal area (up to 12 persons = 30% discount)




A standard week runs from Friday to Friday or from Monday to Monday. A standard long weekend runs from Friday to Monday and a standard midweek from Monday to Friday. Outside the schoolholidays another arrival- or departure day is also possible, except on Saturday. In the summermonths (2nd week of July to August) it is not possible to book this groupaccommodation.

In the groupaccommodation is the arrival time on the day of arrival from 16:00 hour and the departure time on the day of departure no later than 10:00 hour.


Cleaning (mandatory) at the end of your stay € 195
Tourist tax p.p. per night (as of 13 years of age) € 1,50
Bedsheets double bed € 15
Bedsheets single bed € 9
Bath towels (2 pieces), bath mat and kitchen towels € 7
Bike rental per day € 5
Bike trailer (for child or dog) rental per day € 10
Use canoes, kayaks and go-karts free
Wireless internet (wifi) free


One dog is allowed in the groupaccommodation provided the dog is not on the sofas and not above. Smoking and other pets are not allowed!

Would you like to book the groupaccommodation? Book it online, or please call or e-mail us.


Lân and Waad are both 4-person houses. Loft and Wetter are 6-person houses. Downstairs, all the houses have well-equipped kitchens and cosy living rooms with great views. There is underfloor heating, a cosy dining area and everything has been lovingly decorated. You can simply relax on the terrace in comfy chairs. The children have their own messing around and play area in the house. There is also a separate toilet downstairs.

Groundplan Design Groupaccommodation Friesland Netherlands


Communal space
The groupaccommodation has downstairs in the middle of the building a communal space with a large kitchen, a long table for 20 persons and a lounge corner with a wood-burning stove.


All the houses have large, light bedrooms with double beds and a free-standing bath with a view. Good box spring beds with quality mattresses, comfy duvets and large windows. In the 4-person houses, the second bedroom is fitted out with a single bed with a trundle bed. If you prefer, we can put a cot in this room instead of a trundle bed. The spacious and light bathroom has a shower and washbasin, along with a separate toilet.In the 6-person house, the second bedroom has two single beds on one side and a cosy double box bed on the other. The box bed has a spyhole so that you can see what the weather’s like; if it doesn’t look promising then you can simply stay in bed a bit longer . This room can sleep 4 people. The charming bathroom has a double shower, a washbasin and a separate toilet.

Groundplan Design Groupaccommodation Friesland Netherlands


All the houses have a south-facing private terrace (with panoramic views) with comfy loungers. The communal sheltered orchard is on the other side of the building.

  • 4x double bed (180 x 200) with 2 pillows and duvet (220 x 240)
  • 2x double bed (160 x 200) with 2 pillows and duvet (200 x 200)
  • 8x single bed (90 x 200) with pillow and duvet (140 x 200)
  • 4x camping cots on request
  • rental of bedsheets, bath towels and kitchen towelswifi groupaccommodation Lauwersmeer Friesland Netherlands
  • free wifi
  • 4 fully-equipped kitchens and a large communal kitchen
  • dishwasher in each cottage and 2 in the large communal kitchen
  • refrigerator in each cottage and with a freezer in the large communal kitchen
  • oven in each cottage and a large oven in the large communal kitchen
  • coffeemachine (filter) in each cottage and 2 in the large communal kitchen
  • water cooker in each cottage and 2 in the large communal kitchen
  • wood-burning stove in the communal area (+ wood for the first evening)
  • televisions in every house with a built-in DVD player
  • network music system Denon Ceol N9 in the communal area with internetradio, CD player and Bluetooth
  • underfloor heating downstairs
  • toys, crafts and games
  • large free-standing bath in the 2-person bedrooms
  • 4 separate bathrooms with shower (double shower in the 6-person bathroom)
  • cots and high chairs upon request
  • use of the washing machine
  • wood-burning stove in the courtyard
  • jetty with 2 Canadian canoes and 2 kayaks (free to use)
  • football field with 2 football goals
  • korfball basket
  • fishing spot
  • children’s playground
  • sandpit
  • trampoline (one for the smaller and one for the bigger kids)
  • table tennis table (inside and outside)
  • Go-karts, balance bikes, tricycles, wheelbarrows and children’s bikes
  • reception with information about surroundings and maps for salecharging station groupaccommodation Lauwersmeer Friesland Netherlands
  • bike hire (also bike trailer)
  • bike shed with charging station (free) for electric bikes
  • parking (free) with charging station (2x11KW) for electric cars

Below you will find some activities which are nice to do in a group. When you want a good overview of more activities in the region, take a look at our page surroundings.


Walks through the mudflats
World heritage site the Wadden Sea is the spot where you can get your whole team involved in a challenge, while gathering fresh inspiration at the same time. A walk through the mudflats at Wadloopcentrum Fryslân or Wadloopcentrum Pieterburen really is an experience that you must have had at least once. And by that we don’t mean just a simple walk. You walk along the bottom of the sea, through mud flats and water; you are challenged by the elements; and on the way you see birds, sometimes seals and the most incredible skies full of clouds.


Wadlopen groupaccommodation Friesland Netherlands


Of course, you have to make sure that you all get to the other side in time, and sometimes you will be wading through waist-high water. And once it’s over, you’ll all get together to wash the mud off your shoes and legs … what better way to create team spirit!


Sailing across the Wadden Sea and/or the Lauwersmeer

Sailing the seas together on a ship also creates a feeling of kinship ! In Lauwersoog, you can board the big ship MS Tender and sail over the Wadden Sea, between the islands and out to the North Sea! Go fishing for mackerel or cod and experience the sailor’s life up close. Also sailing but in a different way: why not all go on a canoe trip across the Lauwersmeer?


Outdoor activities in Nationaal Park Lauwersmeer

We can also organise a variety of activities in the Lauwersmeer National Park. Mountain biking, stepping, GPS tours, adventurous walks with the forest ranger, sailing (this is also possible on the mudflats) or you can all cycle the famous Rondje Lauwersmeer (45 km).

And if you fancy a really fun day out in between sessions, then rent a few Tuktuk’s and enjoy a real experience with the relaxing 1 cylinder diesel cars.

You can check the availability of the groupaccommodation here and book online directly.

If the groupaccommodation is no longer available, and your group is not bigger than 14 persons, please try the big family house combined with the cosy holiday home.

it Dreamlan special design groupaccommodation Lauwersmeer Lauwerslake Friesland Nederland Holland Netherlands